Monday, August 18, 2008

Community Send-Off

Sunday, August 17th V-Team spent their last Sunday together at their supporting home church. In order to send them off well, their Pastor and mentor, Matt Parker, gave a brief overview of the mission and itinerary of the team. Christian, Andrew, and Evan each took a few minutes to personally describe their shared mission, directional verses from the Bible, and details of the trip. Then, the whole church family gathered around the guys, laid hands on them, and prayed for them as they depart. In that place, V-Team received the blessing of their large church family.

It was the last time for Christian and Andrew to play on the worship team (with Tyler Leigh, Luke Willoughby, Lindy Roberts, and other teen friends). They have both played guitar/ bass/ or vocals since Middle School. Worship Pastor and friend, Todd Zeller personally acknowledged how they have grown over the years, and they played together, for the last Sunday, for a long while.

The Team has been humbled to find out that an extremely generous offering was recieved. The guys will be able to depart, with more funds than expected! God continues to provide, in miraculous ways, through generous people. Community Church sent V-Team off ... hugely blessed.


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