Monday, October 5, 2009

Update from Richard (Canaan Farm)

About 2 months back, we put together a care package to send to Canaan Farm. Well, they received it and were very glad. Back a few years ago, Andrew and I (christian) played in a band called Doxology. When we broke up, we had a bunch of shirts left over that had our logo on them. We had been thinking of what we could do with all these spare shirts, so we figured this would be a great option. So in the package, we sent a bunch of 'Doxology' shirts as well as kitchen knives, elementary english books, movies, devotional books, and a few other personal gifts for Richard and Susan. After receiving the package, Richard took pictures of all the guys wearing the shirts, as well as one with him and Susan.
As most of you remember, while at Canaan Farm, we built a hut for a widow named Tabitha. Well, a couple months after leaving, someone donated the money to build her a real house, made of concrete. One of our friends from the states was there while Tabitha's new house was being built, and tells us that Tabitha was walking around weeping and praising God for her new house. Richard also sent us pictures of Tabitha's new house. Praise God for our friends in Uganda!!! Enjoy the Pictures!

Dennis wearing his new shirt
Dennis (number 2) wearing his new shirt!
The Guys with Richard and Susan in the middle!
Group Hug!
Our bible study guys with their new shirts
Check Out her smile!

Tabitha and her new House

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