Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hey everyone! this is Andrew. I just wanted to share what God has been doing in my life over the last six months. We arrived home and started to acclimated back to what it is like to live here in the states. God began to lead us all in new directions and to new great things. Christian got accepted to JBU, and Evan headed to California to try his hand at sharing God's love with some of the world's richest, and the State's poorest people. Meanwhile the only thing God seemed to be doing in my life was wrecking everything. He started to say that i was not supposed to go to Belmont and i wasn't even allowed to go to pikes peak community. i needed to wait for him to show up.

As time went on, it became increasingly more difficult. Relationships here fell apart and my best friends went to opposite sides of the country. Needless to say it felt pretty rotten "stuck" here in woodland park missing my three best friends. This whole time I have to admit I had my days of being frustrated beyond belief, and wanting to give up on this whole waiting thing. It just didn't make any sense from where i was sitting. i mean really. how is doing nothing productive, ever?

Its funny it always has to get hard before it gets better, it seems. My last week of this crazy time I went to church down in the springs and the pastor gave a lesson on how basically if your not moving, God can't use you. I was sent into a tail spin. had i been disobedient this whole time? This happened several other times where i would be talking to someone and they would bring up laziness or not hearing God's voice. And just at the point where i couldn't hardly believe in what God had said anymore, he showed up. I got this phone call and the person introduced himself and we talked for several minutes like everyone does when they don't know each other. Then he says this, "Andrew we are looking for a guitar player to go on tour. are you interested?"

Now before i go on, i want to say that God is not good because circumstances are good. He is good because he is God. So, as of right now i am going to be leaving to go on tour with a band called Andrew Witt (formerly Rough Draft). If you want to listen you can find them on iTunes as Rough Draft. I will be leaving the 28th of october to go to Florida, and would totally love your prayers. This is a christian band so please pray that we can be able to point people to Christ whenever and wherever we are. I am so thankful that God has given me this opportunity for how ever long it lasts. thank you all so much for your prayers.

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Melany said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on waiting on God. I belong to a grassroots ministry called On Call for Christ, and we have a small team of tentmakers working on Rosebud Reservation in SD. God has brought us into a similar period of waiting. It is humbling, because it challenges all of our idealistic notions of what WE could be accomplishing- when in reality we can not accomplish anything apart from the Lord's empowerment. Even the disciples were told to wait for the coming of the Spirit. As modern day believers, we are in no less need of periods of waiting on the Lord. They remind us that we can do nothing apart from Him, and it is in the waiting that we find our strength renewed as we seek Him.

I am glad that you chose to obey, and that the Lord has again blessed you with an open door for serving Him.