Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Where are they?!"

It's been a little over 3 weeks since the Team returned to the United States. And, some dedicated V-Team Blog Followers are in withdrawal. SO... a little information for those of you who keep checking for some form of update. :)
First of all, yes, Evan finally shaved his beard and cut his hair. His hair was cut in New Zealand and was a re-vamped sort of mullet. His beard was cut once he got home. It was a group event. Andrew's brothers went over to the Stookey's to watch.
Andrew, Christian, and Evan were joined by more than 130 people in Colorado in a potluck reception that included pictures, dinner, music, and stories, stories, stories. It was a captivating night. Audience members wrote down questions on small pieces of paper, and Evan sifted through them. The three guys, positioned on stools, with mics, then took turns answering the wide variety of questions like:
"What was your scariest moment?"
"Did you get tired of each other?"
"What was the best animal you saw?"
"What did you learn about God?"
"How have you changed?"
"What are you going to do next?"

People gave the loudest reaction when video was played of Evan eating a form of goat yogurt (Andrew had offered Evan $10 to eat it). He didn't vomit... but boy, it sure looked like he was going to hurl, several times.

Christian talked about the adjustment of suddenly be apart all the time after being together every minute. It was difficult to re-adjust to being separated. Which is a very true condition at the moment. They are separate. For the first time in 8 months, the Team is in 3 different states. Right now, Andrew is in Minnesota, traveling with his Grampa Leigh. Christian is in Arkansas for a bit, visiting family. And Evan will be coming back to Colorado after he finishes up a couple weeks in California.

Once they all finish their short travels, all three will be back in Colorado for the duration of the summer. Christian and Evan will be working with Matt Parker and youth ministry. Christian will be back at his barista job at Starbucks. Andrew will be Intern & Interim Worship Pastor at Woodland Park Community Church.

Feel free to check back in for possible posts when they all land back in the same place again.
Thanks for your interest and support!


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