Sunday, January 4, 2009

V-team took a Leap!

Yesterday evening around 6 PM, V-team went bungee jumping over the nile! It was amazing! First Andrew, then Christian, next was Philip, and finally Evan! We had a blast! The fall was 150 feet, from the east bank of the nile here in Jinja.
We will have pictures up soon!

Bungee Jumping
-- from Christian's Facebook Note:
Okay, its the morning and I am back from bungee jumping of course...and it was AWESOME!!! God is so good! man! Okay, I will explain...our whole house family gets in the car to go: Joe and Melissa (americans who are the house managers/onsite suubi managers), Amber (american volunteer), Josh (canadian volunteer), Amanda (american volunteer), Jacob (american volunteer), Betty (Ugandan, house staff), Kimbi (betty's 2 year old son), Rachel (betty's 8 yr old sister), Philip (Ugandan YL dude), Anifa (Ugandan, house staff and YL volunteer, Evan, Andrew and Myself. We get to the place and we see a big town, probably 50 ft high, on the river bank (the nile). It stretches out probably another 50 ft over the water. However, this tower sits on a cliff. From the ground to the water is another 100 feet. So, altogether, its 150 ft high, and over the water. There is a small restaurant down stream about 50 yards that sits on the cliff side as well. we go over there and pay. I also paid for philip to do a jump. Ugandans are much cheaper than americans. Gosh our high priced economy! So, after paying, we walk over to the tower and go up. We all get up there and Andrew has been asking to go first so he walks out to the end and there are 2 New Zealander guys that run the whole thing. Andrew sits down, gets tied up and 3...2...1...he jumps. Its about a 2 second free fall, and you come about 15 ft from touching the water. Then he gets down and I go....i sit down and get tied in and talk to the NZ dudes for a bit. Its time to jump. I asked if i could do a swan dive and they were like "totally bro!". so 3...2...1...i crouch down and jump, I spread my arms like wings and jump as far and as hard forward as i can. Out in front of you is the restaurant where you pay and the dudes tell you to jump towards the restaurant. The further out you jump, the better the experience, because it cause you to swing more as you are bouncing. So with arms spread, falling, I felt free, I felt liberated, I did not feel fear. I felt like i was flying. What lasted only 2 seconds felt like an eternity. Its was the most exhilarating experience i have ever had. The excelerator at eliche's has nothing on this! It was so cool, because once I was there, i wasn't scared. I was pumped and of course my heart was racing, but that was just adrenaline. It was amazing. I jumped out pretty far I guess because everyone told me that I swung really far back on my first bounce up. I felt like i was gonna touch water! So, I bounced a bunch, then they bring a raft over and two guys pull you in, untie you and then drop you at the bank. The walk back up is rough! haha. After me, philip went, then evan, and then Betty (our cook), and Amanda did a tandem jump (they jumped together). It was a great night, hanging out and getting to jump was amazing for sure. So that was bungee jumping.

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