Saturday, January 10, 2009

On the Road Again

V-Team is on the road. This next stretch of travel as the crow flies from Uganda to Repalle, India would be 3,421 miles. However, the actual flights will take them to Dubai, in United Arab Emerites, then to Chennai (also known as Madras), India. After two long flights, the Team will add 8 hours of train travel from airport to IREF headquarters. It will be a long day of travel for Christian, Andrew, and Evan.
From the Team:

"india is dangerous and we want to share our faith but be smart in our ministry. please pray God will show us how to do this exactly. please pray for our travels as well- this one may be very intense! and last, good health -- it would be a blessing if we could be energized and ready, with eyes and ears to hear what all God has done and shown us in Jinja, and what He has for us in india!"

Destination -- The new V-Team homebase @ IREF in Repalle, India.

Check out the details of this important ministry:

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Laura Parker said...

we will be praying for safe travel and an amazing journey and ministry in India!!!