Sunday, June 28, 2009

for the love of pete...

"for the love of pete... DON'T FEED THE HUUUUUDDGGE!"
-the hudge is a mythical creature in the land of strongbad. Nobody knows exactly what happens when you feed him...


as we are working on this book and pursuing interviews, we have a photo-shoot date with Cassidy Nettles at  Olive Tree Photography. she's going to some to and interview sessions and do a "photo shoot" of us, for the book. Things are going well with the book, we are currently finished with Uganda, and VERY slowly working to the end ... turns out that a book doesn't just come together from talking, laughing and telling stories (unfortunately)- good thing we have Kelley Leigh to guide us through!

Life in the United States has been tough... honestly. Between the relationship shock and culture shock, we are finding it's difficult, if not impossible, to live as we did over seas. We heeded much warning about the battle of reverting back to our past, or living in a mediocre way- and are still trudging through. 
It feels good to be 'normal' as we are somewhat caught up on cultural norms.It is cool to see good ol' friends. Its cool to go to our local wal-mart in our small town and recognize half the people there. We don't feel like aliens too much! Haha, this helps but also leaves a lot of temptation to settle for comfort in how we live. By this we mean aiming and striving for comfort, complacency and simply ourselves in every day life. We are finding much need for time of reflection, on how things used to be, how God wants them to be, and how we/things are now. We have found in our lives that we only have so much time, and its easily wasted. Its up to us how we use it. 
every single one of us has a specific purpose daily, and we must take it upon ourselves to pursue it. God has made each one of us specially designed and unique, and its up to us to... BE! Its been amazing to find that God has these things for us no matter where we live, our jobs or who is around us! It is so cool to find that the trip is not even close to being over! All of these things are staying close in our minds and hearts as we prepare for the next step. Just another mission trip. Another mission day. For me this is the "modern day Soddom and Gommorah"; for Christian, it's an awesome community to mature his unique gifts and abilities; and for Andrew,  it's to worship God and all His glory, and to be with those who share it too.
while here in our small town, we are finding that God is here, with us, and working here. So we are taking much joy in seeing our friends find their purposes here, as well as ourselves. One thing I believe to be true is that we need God even more hard core than we ever have! God is proving Himself to be faithful to us. We feared returning dealing with the frustration of culture shock and "relationship" shock, and against our doubts of Him leaving us God has totally continued to be near us. 

So... things are good! Tough, fun, stuggling, with much joy and passion. ah.... LIFE!!!!!!!!!

stay close- we are going to continue posting whats happening here in Colorado!

watch for pictures from the photo shoot from Cassidy!


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sibbi said...

It's always good to hear from you. I'm also glad you send email announcements when you have a new entry on your blog...I am not too good with blogs yet, checking them and such. I know there are lots of things you need to deal with, decisions to make, directions to go. I pray you will continue seeing God at work here, in your small town. It is not the same as on your trip, maybe, but I think it could get that way, too. "Trust and obey there is no other way than be happy in Jesus and trust and obey." I don't mean to be trite or condescending. Easy to sing and believe, harder to do. It is the struggle we ALL have. love to each one of you!